Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summertime Sunshine

Guess where we went...... HAWAII!

And it was the bomb. Sunshine, ocean, sand, shaved ice, what more could I ask for?

He loves me, I know it. Also I don't know why tank tops are in style now for guys. But my brother can rock 'em. He maybe had to have a talk about modesty with my mother "Nathan, boys have to be modest too."

Only one more month until I start my teaching job! I'm excited and nervous. Hopefully I won't get eaten alive by middle school children.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

You're chummin' the water!

We may be 15 years older but we still know how to have a good time.
 In a few short days me and this kid will be headed to Hawaii!!
Sharing a room, let the good times roll!

Needless to say, and based on the title of this post, I will not be participating in deep sea fishing this trip. When you throw up 10 times in a matter of 2 hours, you know deep sea angling is not your thang...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


First off, let's just say that bees HATE me. I swear I have always had trouble with these stinging insects following me and getting all up in my business. Maybe they can smell fear? I don't know? Regardless, yesterday and this morning I had an encounter.

Yesterday I was traveling around with my momma we were waiting at a red light when all of a sudden a wasp started harrassing my window. Not just being curious and flying away, no, bumping up against my window over and over and flying all around that glass portal. As the light turned green it grabbed onto the window and held on for dear life. We were traveling at approximately 50 mph and it was hunkered down. I began hitting the window, because of course that always works, but he was a stubborn little guy. We come to a stop, it begins to crawl around the door. I am sitting there watching it in the side mirror and it crawls into the crack where the door connects to the car....what the?!!! I then refuse to open my door, climb out the back seat when we reach our destination and then remain paranoid and constantly check the crack from the door that leads into the car.

This morning I get into my car to drive peacefully to work, rocking out to Ke$ha, Kelly Clarkson, and Justin Bieber (don't judge). But as I take the ramp down onto University Avenue I hear a loud buzzing and catch a brief glimpse of a dark shadow in my rearview. Because of yesterday I still had the heeby jeebies. There in my back seat flying all around is a huge, fat, gigantic bumble-bee. WHY ME?! I yell out "GOOD GRACIOUS!!" and then proceed to pull over to the side of the road. I jump out of my car as fast as I can and then try to figure out what I am going to do? I can't drive to work with that thing back there, what if it comes and attacks me, what if I get distracted by it and cause an accident, what if it stings me, how did it get in my car?! I open the passenger side door and look at it....I can't swat at it, what if it gets angry? I then pound on the window from outside, this always works right? Recent events have taught me that no, this does not always work! I leave the door open, maybe it is not like other bugs, maybe it is smart, and actually knows that I am trying to help it escape...alas no luck. (I probably look like an idiot at this point to passers-by) But it seems to be calming down. It sits there for about a minute with no movement. I think, I can do this, I'll just keep an eye on it and drive to work and hopefully it doesn't start buzzin' around again. Flash forward, I made it to work, the bumble bee is still in my car, my windows are cracked, hoping against hope that it will fly away.

I'm telling you...they hate me.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Grizzlies

I have been a Viking, Leopard, Bruin, Cougar, and now I am a GRIZZLY!

That's right people my college career actually got me a job! I am now the proud recipient of the Health and PE internship at Payson Junior High School. What does this mean exactly? Well it means that I have a job, a job that pays half salary, full benefits, a job that if I want it next year, it is all MINE! And I will then be a full fledged teacher! This is so so so exciting because I don't know if you know this or not, but it is DANG hard to get a job in this economy, let alone a job right out of college and in the public school system. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! (yes, it did need to be said three times in all caps)

Needless to say I feel extremely blessed. And it is kind of scary to be a first year teacher, but I am up for the challenge. Bring it on Payson Junior High. I'm ready!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My not so little brother...

Turned 17 last Saturday, and I'm unsure how I feel about it. I remember being 17 like it was yesterday. In actuality it was 5 years ago...this is crazy talk! I feel old, but I also love that weird kid more than anything. So Nathan, here's to you buddy!
- I love that you make me laugh so hard with your ridiculous stories and witty comebacks
- I love that you wear a robe around the house like you are 85 years old
- I love that you humor me when I am feeling like an adventure
- I love your wicked awesome hair in the morning
- I love how you chase me around the kitchen with a wooden spoon, or wet towel
- I love how you do not care if you are messy or dirty as long as you are having fun
- I love how amazingly skilled you are in golf and basketball
- I love how you let me sing stupid songs to you when you are mad at me, such as "Nathan, I love you, that's all I have to offer. Nathan I need you, please don't turn me away." Saturdays Warrior anyone?
- I love how hard of a worker you are
- I love the way you let me put my head on your shoulder when I'm tired
- I love that you are my not so little brother forever!